Rad Fitness founder Ally is a retro music fanatic. Having discovered the joys of latin dance fitness in the age of Zumba, she was sitting in her car one day, listening to Beat It, when she saw the matrix. Suddenly she understood how dance fitness principles could be applied to all her favourite songs. It was then and there RAD Fitness was born. 

Ally didn’t start with a dance background, but discovered her love of movement in her twenties. She trained in a number of different dance styles, and began her teaching life as a pole dance instructor in 2008, adding RAD classes to her teaching calendar in 2012. After a number of years teaching bodies to move, she did a twerk workshop – which was love at first pop. A few years later she created TwerkRoom, which she has been teaching since early 2018 – and loving every second of it. 

Ally has never been a fan of conventional exercise, and while the idea of a gym or a running track makes her stomach turn, she is nonetheless passionate about health and fitness. All her endeavours have begun as a means of creating an enjoyable workout, and RAD allows her to share this passion with others. She lives by the code that having fun while you sweat never feels like work, and aims to bring that experience to every class. Seeing her pupils have equally as much enjoyment as she does is her ultimate goal.


Bachelor Health Sciences (Naturopathy) 2005
Cert III Fitness (Group Exercise) 2015


Keely is a yoga teacher, art therapist, former mental-health worker, performing artist and dance teacher! She grew up dancing in her living room and didn’t take a dance class until she moved to Melbourne at the age of 23.

She began training and teaching at Bey Dance which helped her learn how to feel powerful in her curves and shake her jelly! She joined the Real Hot Bitches 80s dance troupe as her alter ego, Debbie Glitterbox. The bitches helped her hone her thrusting technique and dracting (dramatic dance acting).

Keely loves performing as a dancer and has danced at festivals and events all around Australia. She is passionate about teaching beginners because if she can do it, anyone can! She loves to watch confidence and ferocity grow in students and will never get sick of that dance high you get at the end of class!


Danni has trained in jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop and dabbled in gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. She is also a qualified social worker. Danni is all about making dance fun and accessible for all kinds of people and bodies. Be ready to laugh at yourself and get your fierce femme vibes on!


Caroline is a tap-dancer who has been teaching kids and adults the joy of tap for many years at her North Fitzroy school, Miss Caroline Tap Dance. She has always loved dancing but initially trained in acting, singing and movement as part of her Creative Arts degree.

After graduating and moving to Melbourne, Caroline won a part in the Comedy Festival smash hit, Stomp, a rhythmic/industrial extravaganza, and it was during that show that she fell in love with the power of rhythm and dance. Learning the art of tap dance seemed the natural progression, and from her very first lesson she took to it like a duck to water.  It was not long before she was teaching adult beginners, and from there she started her own school which now has students of all ages (from pre-schoolers through to retirees!).

Caroline has performed at many local festivals, and also taught TV star Alan Brough to tapdance for the Spicks and Specks Finale Tour, for which she also did the choreography. Her tapping can also be heard on tracks by local recording artists Mick Thomas (Tom Wills) and Mrs Wainwright (I Will Breathe Again).

As a teacher she believes in making dance a fun and positive experience for all concerned. On her days off from tapping Caroline still loves to dance and was thrilled to discover Ally’s RAD classes where she is a regular attendee and performer.