Retro Jams Beginner (On Demand)

Retro Jams Beginner (On Demand)


This purchase gives you a limited time access to a Retro Jams on demand beginner class. You will receive a link to the class video soon after purchase (please allow up to two hours). This link will remain accessible between 6am Wednesday until 6pm Sunday of the week you have made the purchase. You may access the video as much as you like between these times!

T&Cs: Once the class link expires, the casual class access expires with it. Access to future classes must be purchased in the same manner. Any purchases made after 3.30pm Sunday will be assigned the following week's class link which will become available from 6.30am on the Wednesday following purchase.

By making this purchase, you release RAD Fitness of all liability for any accidents or injuries incurred as a result of participating in the contents of the video. Additionally, you agree to hold personal liability for any accidents or injuries incurred by others at your location who participate in the contents of the video as a result of your purchase. 


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